For more than 20 years, Copenhagen Acting School has been Denmark's strongest independent acting school. We have trained more than 125 professional actors for the Danish and international theater, film and TV industry, previously under the name Acting School Ophelia. CAS offers two programs; a 3-year actor training + a 1-year international program in English.

As the only school in Europe, the training at CAS is based on American acting technique and in particular the Sanford Meisner method.

Our vision is to train Denmark's most authentic actors for film, TV, theater and other media. Artists of stature who can convincingly convey characters, actions and situations.


Preparation course

You want to be an actor? You're applying to schools this year. How should you prepare? Acting schools are competitive, many are talented and if you want to stand a chance, you'll need a high level of preparation. We have some of...


Want to be an actor? The Meisner Technique is one of the best and most widely used techniques for learning the basic tools of the actor: contact, presence, spontaneity, relaxation and freedom of expression. Here you can participate in an introductory course...

Admission test for actor training

Do you want to be an actor? Then you might be one of the future professional actors from Copenhagen Acting School Come to the last audition of the year on August 17. In the audition you will be taken through a program where we work with body, voice, technique, scene and...

FREE MASTERCLASS - Open House on June 6

Thursday, June 6, 17-21.30, we will once again host our free masterclass at Gasværksvej 4e, 1656 Kbh. V. Several times a year we organize acting workshops where participants get the opportunity to work with their body, voice, acting technique and stage work. You...

Scene studies - Continuing education

This course is aimed at the actor who wants to immerse themselves in working with text and dialog. The course is based on the concepts and procedures of the Meisner technique. Scenes are sent before the first session. At the end, the scenes will be shown in an open class. ...

From dream to reality

You have an ambition to become an actor, but don't know how to make it happen?

The education at CphActing gives you the foundation to be strong and authentic on stage and in front of the camera. You get a toolboxthat gives you the craftsmanship to always play authentically and understand the style and context you are part of.

Copenhagen Acting School is ready to train you as an actor. Are you ready to be trained?


"Tanja Fleth Bønke and Simon Kaarfast were acting interns in Gasværket's big production of Shakespeare in Love in 2019. Tanja and Simon's contribution to the performance was very valuable. It was a pleasure to work with them!"
Emmet Feigenberg

Rector DDSKS, former director Østre Gasværks Teater

Acting technique

Copenhagen Acting School's acting education is based on American acting technique. A method that always delivers quality and authentic presence.

Sanford Meisner articulated the essence of good acting as: "acting truthfully under imaginary circumstances". And while there are many different opinions on the best methods to achieve excellence, the vast majority agree with Meisner's definition.

Trailer for 'Salonen' - 3rd year project
Meisner's repetition technique

Meisner summed up his idea of good acting in the phrase: "to live truthfully in imaginary circumstances". And while there are very different opinions on what methods are needed to achieve excellent acting, the vast majority agree with Meisner's definition.


"Impulse is God"

Carsten Kressner

The practical

Copenhagen Acting School is a private acting school that does not receive any public funding. Teaching and operations are therefore entirely student-funded.

The price for year 24/25 of the 3-year program is 63,000
It is possible to pay in installments.
The price for year 24/25 on the international program is 44.500 Dkk / 5990 €
It is possible to pay in installments. 
The program is not SU-eligible.
Classes are organized so that there is room to work on the side.




Opportunities for work during and after training

There are plenty of opportunities to take roles and other work during your training as an actor at Copenhagen Acting School. We even help you get exposure to potential roles.

Your new creative home in the heart of Vesterbro

Copenhagen Acting School is centrally located in Vesterbro in one of Copenhagen's creative meccas.

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You will be trained to be more than an actor.
You get an artistic education.
You'll learn to be a team player.
And you'll learn to create your own...
Do you want to be an actor...


Take your first step now

We have ongoing entrance exams. When the team is full, it's full.

Become part of a strong actor network.

At Copenhagen Acting School, we don't just train you to be an actor. We also help you get started on your acting career. We have collaborations with several casting agencies and prominent production companies who find their new talents with us.
At the same time, we educate and train you to be your own creator of creativity and launch initiatives that can promote you, give publicity and at the same time develop your talent.